Ryan is a Manchester born and bred Cinematographer who prefers to operate the camera when possible. He originally started his career shooting short documentaries which helped Ryan develop his style of shooting, which often relies on manipulating available natural light. He has spent the past few years working on commercials, online branded content and corporate videos for some of the largest companies in the world.


Taking photographs has also been a big part of Ryans personal life too, even from an early age. He loves the nostalgic feeling you get from looking at an old photo and the memories it brings back. Naturally this led to Ryan taking photographs professionally with him now taking on shoots between projects. He strongly believes photography and cinematography go hand in hand.

"I love how a simple photograph can trigger so many emotions and memories for everyone involved. Three people could look at the same picture and all have very different memories of the day it was taken. I don't think you can beat that"

Ryan has worked on some pretty ambitious projects which have not only been ambitious in regard to their small budgets, but also their shoot lengths. Working fast and efficiently is something Ryan has always been used to doing, which has always helped the productions' success. "There have been occasions where I've had vans literally full of lights all at my disposal, but If I can achieve the look I want with an old lamp pointing at a bed sheet then I'll do that and save twenty minutes of set up time, I don't see anything wrong with that"