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Camera: Ursa Mini 4.6K
Lenses: Sigma 18-35, Sigma 50-100
Resolution: 3840x2160
Aspect Ratio: 2:35:1
Frame Rate: 24 FPS
Gamma: Film
Codec: ProRes 422 HQ 10 Bit

Producers: Zak Jarvis, Conor Flemming, Emilee Shaw
Director: Zak Jarvis
DOP: Ryan Priestnall
Editor: Zak Jarvis
Colour: Ryan Priestnall
Production Designer: Sara Kuna

On the 8th September 1943, thousands of allied prisoners of war escaped into the Italian countryside following the country's surrender. The occupying Germans hunted these escapers who were helped and sheltered by the brave and kind Italian Contadini, farmers who put their families and homes at great risk by doing so. Made by a crew of students in Leeds, England with very limited resources and funds, it is based on the director's great-grandfather and his experiences as an escaped British POW in Italy during WWII. Starring- Luke Goddard, Scott Rutherford, Sam Mancuso, Kerry Danielle-Blacklock, Christian Bloch.

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